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Begin Again

Choreographed by Jennifer Salk (2018)

Restaged and performed at the 2018 Seattle International Dance Festival the work was originally created in 2016 for the Univeristy of Washington's Dance Faculty Concert. 

Dancers: Katie Daugherty, Natalie Fernandi, Imana Gunawan,

Sean O'Bryan, Michael O'Neal, Becca Smith

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 12.54.37

Angle of Repose (a blueprint)

Choreography by Julia Burrer,

in collaboration with the dancers

Music by Bryce Dessner, Music for Wood & Strings

Performed by So Percussion

Lighting by Peter Braciliano

Set and Costume Design by Julia Burrer

Performance by Katie Daugherty, Natalie Fernandi, Rosy Gentle,

Wei Mei Huang (understudy), Carlyn Kane, Emma Miller, Anna Moretti (understudy), Charlotte Schoen, Dominique See, Chuqiao Sun,

April Vande Brake

Photo: Tim Summers

Dear Jane

Choreography: Alexandra Bradshaw-Yerby in collaboration with Katie Daugherty (2019)

Dancer: Katie Daugherty

Costume Design: Lindsey Halfhill

Lighting Design: Peter Bracilano

Music: Franz Schubert, Sonata for Arpeggione and Piano in A Minor, Meredith Monk, Traces, Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of the Heart

Photo and Video by Warren Woo

Video Edited by Alexandra Bradshaw-Yerby

Division (2015)

Choreographed by Brian Brooks (2019)

Choreographed by Brian Brooks

Dancers: Michelle Ascencio, Madison Bristol, Katie Daugherty,

Natalie Fernandi, Tzu Nu "Jessica Huang", Julia James, Sabrina Kim,

Kelly Langeslay, MEgan Renee Sellman, Ellette Sidler-Dever, Emma Sluss, Jessica Yeh

Rehearsal Director: Jen Salk

Choreographer's Assistant: Carlye Eckert

Original Music: Jerome Begin

Lighting Design: Amiya Brown (based on the original design by Philip Trevino)

Costume Design: Michelle Lesniak (based on the original design by

Karen Young)

Photo and Video: Warren Woo

For the Record

Directed by Rachael Lincoln (2019)

Dancers/Collaborators: Alicia Allen, Rose Amlin, Katie Daugherty, Megumi Hosaka, Lisa Kwak, Chloe Miller, Madison Shorter,

Maria Villegas, Jessica Yeh

Rehearsal Assistant: Madison Bristol

Sound Design: Ivory Smith

Music: Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, Pauline Oliveros, Beyonce, Nico, Meredith Monk, Nina Simone, X-Ray Spex, Barbra Streisand,

The Go-Go's, MIA, Bulgarian Women's Choir, Laurie Anderson,

The Raincoats, Amy Winehouse, Etta James

Costume Design: Michelle Lesniak

Photo and Video: Warren Woo


Choreographed by Warren Woo (2018)

A duet performed by Katie Daugherty and Meg Ess

at the Battle for the Dance Belt

Velocity Dance Center, Seattle, WA

Photo by: Warren Woo

Duet For Four

Choreographed by Alethea Alexander (2018)

A quartet created the Univeristy of Washington and performed at the 2018 MFA Dance Concert. 

Dancers: Katie Daugherty, Kevin Lam, Zakk Rahman, Jessica Yeh

Photo and Video: Warren Woo

Tuesday dress run 2 b&w.jpg

Sextet For Shifting Ground

Choreographed by Alexandra Bradshaw-Yerby (2018)

Created at the Univeristy of Washington and performed at the 2018 MFA Dance Concert. 

Dancers: Kimmie Bacon, Katie Daugherty, Natalie Fernandi,

Peter Kohring, Jiaqi Kyki Li, Gal Snir

Photo and Video: Warren Woo


Shrinking Violet

Choreogprahed by Rachael Lincoln (2018)

Created at the University of Washington and performed at the 2018 Dance Faculty Concert. 

Dancers: Rosemary Adams, Madison Bristol, Katie Daugherty,

Lisa Kwak, Charlotte Schoen, Madison Shorter, Madeline Vaught, Valerie Ziyi Huang 

Video: Warren Woo

Photos: Tim Summers


Imperfect Map

Choreographed by Juliet McMains (2018)

Created at the University of Washington and performed at the 2018 Dance Faculty Concert. 

Dancers: Emily Asplin, Gaby Bouzaglou, Becky Darrow,

Katie Daughert,y Tess Hansen, Jiaqi Kyki Li, Q McTighe,

Madison Shorter, Brooke Thimmig, Dahlia Vu

Video: Warren Woo

Photo: Steve Korn

2017-12-02 UW Dance Faculty0829.jpg


Choreography: Adele Nickel in collaboration with the dancers (2019)

Rehearsal Assistant: Gaby Bouzaglou

Dancers: Jenna Batchelder, Toni Cox, Katie Daugherty, Aubra Heller, Megumi Hosaka, Vanessa Hsu, Helen Huang, Mackenzie Kulsurd, Anissa Martinez, Gabbi Masten, Charlotte Schoen,

McKenzie Severson, Maria Villegas, Riis Williams, Jessica Yeh

Costume Design: Lindsey Halfhill

Lighting Design: Ranleigh Starling

Music: Christoph Gluck, selections from Alessandro

Photo and Video: Warren Woo

Anarchy in Flight

Director: Alethea Alexander

Meany Studio Theatre

Costumes: Jordan Fell

Original Music Composition: Kaley Lane Eaton

Dancers/Collaborators: Rose Amlin, Michelle Asencio,

Katie Daugherty, Mikaela Ebbeson, Iona Farrell,

Natalie Fernandi, SiQi He, Megumi Hosaka, Katie Janis,

Kelly Langeslay, Sojung "Esther" Lim, Mimi Reed, Madison Shorter, Megan Sellman, Ashley Woodworth

Photo and video by: Warren Woo

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